MyTunesRSS 4.1.3

Access iTunes from anywhere


  • Allows you to access your music anywhere
  • Simple to set up
  • Allows you to download playlists


  • Java engine can be slow
  • API editor tricky to figure out

Not bad

Imagine if you could access your iTunes collection from any PC, anywhere in the world. MyTunesRSS allows you to do exactly this by accessing your iTunes folder over a local network or the internet.

Initial setup of MyTunesRSS involves setting up a server using the IP address of the computer that contains your music. Once connected, the user interface is like a stripped down version of iTunes showing you your tracks and categories such as the 25 most played, best rated and most recently added. You can browse your whole library by album, artist or genre, plus you can access your playlists or create new ones.

To play tracks, you can either download them or play them directly in MyTunesRSS. If they will play in Flash format, you can play them directly in the MyTunesRSS player but anything that won't play in Flash will require a plugin. Alternatively, you can download an entire playlist in M3U or XSPF format and play them in any application that can play them such as iTunes or VLC Player. If you're a user, it can even continue to scrobble your tracks as they play.

There's even a theme creator in MyTunesRSS to give your own touch to the app's interface but this requires knowledge of how to use the remote API, which isn't particularly easy if you're a beginner to XPI. The main downside of MyTunesRSS is the fact that it's written in Java and as a result, it can run rather sluggishly. Note that in addition, this trial is limited for a period of 30 days.

MyTunesRSS is a simple but powerful program that can help you access your tunes over a network or wherever you are in the world as long as you have a decent internet connection.

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  • User permissions for photos and sharing (Facebook/Twitter) were mixed up on save From watch folders imported photos did not create any albums and hence were not displayed

MyTunesRSS lets you enjoy all the songs in your iTunes music library on any device that has network access to your iTunes computer. MyTunesRSS is a application for configuring and starting a server. You can access this server with any web browser, search your iTunes music library and create an individual play list. The playlist is published as an RSS feed with the feed items containing links to the music files. These files are served through the server as well.

MyTunesRSS supports MP3 and unprotected AAC files from your iTunes library. You can also create RSS feeds directly from your existing iTunes playlists. Access to the web application and therefor your library can be protected with a password.

With MyTunesRSS you can for example use a Playstation Portable to listen to the music from your iTunes library. The songs are streamed to the PSP through the WLAN feature. Also any other device with a web browser and capable of receiving podcasts can be used. Listen to your music with any such device even if it is not iTunes enabled.

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